09. Feb 2010

It’s been a while, since this one came out. But as I always say, I don’t expore music by the calender – more, let’s say: by life’s dynamic changes. So it’s time for his one now! Since years I’m after all those releases on Kvitnu from Ukraine run by Dmytro Fedorenko alias Kotra (so now we have this part!) because they are so beautiful and the music is also quite good… and this one by Sturqen is my favorite so far, the packaging in not beautiful but astonishing and extraordinary! There is no single picture on the web, which explains what I mean. The pix are just lame, don’t know why. But hej, the music is tremendously great for a release countaining 80% glitch and noise sounds. But what those two guys from Portugal do with all this dirt and distorted sounds is some kind of unlifting, full of energy, powerful and yes in some moments also beautiful, that I had to listen to it even a 2nd time in one month! It’s a strange mixture of the best electronika I’ve heard since 12 years (besides of some phantomoise stuff of course!) some hard acid with-out acid and even some own ideas about dub-step’s double wouble schwabbel basses. Check out Kvitnu’s homepage and listen for yourself!